Beta Testing The Foundry’s CameraTracker Plugin.

Beta Testing The Foundry’s CameraTracker Plugin.

This was a quick example I made while I was beta testing The Foundry’s CameraTracker Plugin a few months ago.  I finally made it viewable on Vimeo.  It’s a fantastic plugin for people that want to enhance their compositing with 3D tracking directly inside of After Effects.  Thanks to CameraTracker, Colorista II and Action Essentials 2 this only took me a few hours to create.  The footage was shot on a RED camera.


  • Shalom Ormsby on Feb 14, 2011 Reply

    Looks interesting. Thanks for posting. I’d love to hear more about how it syncs with Cinema 4D.

  • David on Nov 03, 2010 Reply

    Looks nice Josh!

    I’ve been impressed with camera tracker inside of AE but haven’t had any luck using the camera data exported to c4d using Paul Tuersley’s AEtoC4d script at, although others have done this, e.g. the domino shot on the foundry website. The script seems to work okay, but once in c4d I can’t get any of the tracks to “stick”. I’m setting c4d’s camera focal length to match that determined by camera tracker and the comp size to match but can’t get the scene scale? or orientation? to match I guess. I’m a noob at matchmoving and was hoping to have a nice circular workflow between AE, CameraTracker and C4d. Any chance of a quick tip on working with CameraTracker data in C4d?

    • Josh on Nov 06, 2010 Reply

      Thanks David. I don’t have access to the beta anymore but maybe I can rent the plugin for a few days to make a tutorial with it. No promises as of yet but I’ll see what I can do.

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