C4D: Airplane Take Off

C4D: Airplane Take Off

Just a quick little test of a Jet taking off. Started out as just an object matchmove exersie but then I decided to push it further by adding in a CG Jet, heat haze and a few other things. See the After/Before below.

Best to watch on vimeo for full effect. Click on the Vimeo icon.

Before video with Object Matchmove done in SynthEyes.


  • Josh on Mar 18, 2012 Reply

    I would love to see a tutorial on how you do object matchmoves in Syntheyes.

    • Josh on Mar 21, 2012 Reply

      I certainly plan to make one :). It’s on the list.

  • jacques on Mar 14, 2011 Reply

    Just one thing. In my opinion, the sound doesn’t seem to be accurate, warbirds like this one have a clear and heavy sound.
    And maybe it take off too early (in fact it’s just too big at the beginning)

    • Josh on Mar 17, 2011 Reply

      Thanks Jacques. Yes, the sound is from an airliner :(.

  • Cactuswest on Mar 06, 2011 Reply

    In your opinion, what would be a good matchmoving software (I am not talking boujou here)

    • Josh on Mar 06, 2011 Reply

      SynthEyes is great. I’m looking forward to the new Pftrack too. It will incorporate all the great stuff from Pfmatchit but still have all the features from Pftrack. Considering the price and power you can’t go wrong with SyntyEyes!

      • cactuswest on Mar 07, 2011 Reply

        Thanks, I’ll do some research.

        Man, I have a sequence to edit that has a machine (flying drone) interacting with a human being. All the live shooting has been done (greenscreen). Now I have to develop a workflow to animate the machine in C4D. Luckily, by design, there is no camera move. Oh well I did it to myself.

        If you are bored check this out. Don’t pay attention to the dialogs – you had to be there, sort of – But I can use tips to improve it.


  • therocketpanda on Mar 04, 2011 Reply

    Very nice, but I’d say it looks too heavy 🙂 in fact it moves a lot like the plane you matchmoved wich in one way is good, but I suppose that the jet is much lighter, therefore it would lift off in an easier way!
    Good job though!

    • Josh on Mar 04, 2011 Reply

      Thanks. Hehe yes it moves pretty much the same as the matchmoved plane since I applied it’s data to the jet. Good critique though that makes a lot of sense.

    • Cactuswest on Mar 06, 2011 Reply

      The take off momentum is very accurate and simulates a fully loaded fighter. The dip of the wing after breaking ground is definitely right on.

  • cactuswest on Mar 03, 2011 Reply

    Hi Josh,
    Very good indeed. If I may, another bit of realism to sell it further is to have the jet yaw back and forth during the ground roll. This simulates the wind on the tail on the airplane and the pilot compensating with rudder input.


    • Josh on Mar 04, 2011 Reply

      Thanks cactuswest. That is a good idea. All I did was apply the object matchmove motion to the jet. I didn’t add any animation on top of it but I probably should have.

  • Christopher on Mar 02, 2011 Reply


    • Josh on Mar 04, 2011 Reply

      Thank you!

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