Cinema 4D Motion Vectors in NUKE

In the past I’ve struggled to get C4D’s motion vectors working correctly with the VectorBlur node in NUKE. I’ve seen a lot of other people struggle with this on multiple forums too. I’m very much still learning NUKE so by no means am I an expert with the program but I think I found a useable workflow!  In the PDF below I walk you through the process and show you some comparison pictures of Motion Blur with C4D’s Physical MB, Nuke’s Vectorblur node and RSMB Pro in After Effects. I hope you find it useful.


 The talented and generous Jeremy Cox put together a really awesome NUKE gizmo that will save you some time with this process. You can download his awesome gizmo here: C4D_VectorBlur.gizmo.




  • Giso Spijkerman on Oct 31, 2014 Reply

    Thanks Josh and Jeremy, it was giving me headaches before, this will work 🙂

    • Josh on Oct 31, 2014 Reply

      Thank you! Glad it’s helpful!

      Watched that TNT – People network video a few days ago. Nice work!

  • Lettidude on Jul 05, 2013 Reply

    Great, great, great, i have to admit, not working with 32 on motion scale, but could depand about the difficult on sampling a fast zooming camera… will try 64…

    • Josh on Jul 08, 2013 Reply

      Hey Leonardo, thanks for the comment! Yeah, 32 won’t be perfect for every scene. Sadly, it’s not a perfect science (c4d MV to NUKE) but this has helped me.

  • Rafael on Apr 03, 2013 Reply

    Sweet god thank you. This has been haunting my dreams for longer than I care to admit.

    • Josh on Jul 08, 2013 Reply

      Hahaha! It’s not perfect but much better than the results I was having before. Glad it’s helping you :).

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