Intro to Explosions with TFD and Particles

Hey Guys, I’m taking a break from my Helloluxx Turbulence FD and particle training to create an intro to explosions using TFD and X-Particles Tutorial. Yes, I’m taking a break from TFD for more TFD haha :). So this an intro to explosions tutorial that goes on for about an hour. These techniques can be translated to the standard built-in particles or Thinking Particles too. I just prefer to work with X-Particles for most of my projects that call for particle work now days.

Hope you enjoy it!

Also, last month I was busy working on my friend David’s new short film “Late for Meeting“. I created some fluid and particle sims for it. TFD and XP were used.




  • René Espinoza on Jan 29, 2015 Reply

    Hi Josh! nice work! please excuse my english… do you have or know where can I find information about how can I compose TFD? in the official help it only says Matte object and Render buffers… I need control for compositing the simulation over different backgrounds… btw, just right now I have rendered a pic and added all passes, and noticed the atmosphere pass gave me a luma that maybe coud work..

  • Angelo on Aug 19, 2014 Reply

    Hey mate! I’ve been watching tons of videos, tutorials and that stuff and I have to admit that you make really easy to learn and enjoy the program. I dont know if this comes really late but I’ve been trying to use the emiter with the TFD tag and it doesn’t work so I was wondering which version did you used because the guy on the top had the problem of an old version. I have the 2.0066 and dont know if you used the 2.5. THANKS!!

  • Steve on Jul 27, 2014 Reply

    Josh, I love your tutorials, amazing results in a very short amount of time!

    I’m having trouble trying to get continuous smoke trails from my X-Particles – They just make little dots of smoke as they fall, like this – – any I’deas where I’m going wrong?

    Your work is very inspiring – cheers!

    • Josh on Jul 27, 2014 Reply

      Thank you so much for the kind words!

      As for your problem, you can a few things. Increase the XP particles, increase the radius on your emitter tag some and increase the stepping in your container.

      • Steve on Jul 28, 2014 Reply

        Thanks for your help Josh. I had a look at your tips and increasing the radius definitely helps, but then I just end up with thicker trails. I tried scaling up the project to make the trails thinner but then it’s back to square one. I was looking to create a smoking particle debris effect but I’m obviously thinking about it in the wrong way. I need to look into the container stepping setting as it didn’t seem to have any effect.. Thanks again though, Steve.

        • Josh on Aug 04, 2014 Reply

          You are welcome. Also, be sure to try increasing the the particle count.


  • Jimmy Fallon on Jun 15, 2014 Reply

    Man, love the tutorials, but you should have a download link with the project you use in the video. But epic tutorials, keep it up. Love TFD and your tuts. Thanks!

    • Josh on Jul 02, 2014 Reply

      Thanks, Jimmy! Good idea. I just really encourage people to try and build the project themselves but I will share it next time if you think it would be helpful.

  • Geoff Swartz on Jan 18, 2014 Reply

    Any ideas on when your other turbulence fd will be ready? Thanks!

    • Geoff Swartz on Jan 18, 2014 Reply

      I meant to say other turbulence fd TUTORIAL:) Then one for helloluxx. Sorry.

      • Josh on Jan 18, 2014 Reply

        Hey Geoff, I don’t have an exact date but hopefully soon. Have made good progress. In the next month or so.

  • anthony abbott on Nov 23, 2013 Reply

    Thanks so much! I feel it pretty hard to get solid tut’s on TFD. This helped a lot on your thought process and overall approach.

    • Josh on Nov 24, 2013 Reply

      You are welcome! Thanks for watching. I’ve been using TFD for quite some time now on real word projects and of course test ones too. I have more training coming. 😉

  • pu on Nov 22, 2013 Reply

    thanks a lot for your feedback josh! My bad! I downloaded the last version of turbulence, and when I started the simulation, fd told me that I need version 2.1 of x-particles, to make the tag working 😉
    I am just wondering if the method that I am using, works the same like yours.

    • Josh on Nov 24, 2013 Reply

      You are quite welcome! No problem at all :). Glad you got it sorted.

  • pu on Nov 20, 2013 Reply

    Hey Josh thanks a lot for this tutorial!! I am just at the half of it and I had to stop to figure out how to generate fd from x-particles. I added a fd tag to the paricle emitter like you but it doesn’t work. anyway by adding TP and assigning a group to x-particles, I made it work. I don’t understand why it doesn’t work like you!
    btw thanks a lot for this suuuper nice tutorial Josh!!!

    • Josh on Nov 21, 2013 Reply

      Hi! You are quite welcome. Strange why it isn’t working. My guess is you either have an older version of X-Particles or TFD installed. Feel free to send me the file if you want.


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