PYRRHOSOMA Teaser Trailer

With the announcement of Cinema 4D R15 at Siggraph, Alexander Lehnert and I are happy to finally release the teaser trailer for our up and coming animated shortfilm “PYRRHOSOMA”. 

Alex and I have worked on a few projects together before but hadn’t collaborated on our own project until now. We are both passionate about filmmaking and when we ‘digitally’ met about two years ago we have been talking about collaborating on a short film. Around late March we started bouncing around ideas and few months later we had a pretty good idea of the film we wanted to make. So we began.

We live in different countries which made things interesting. Sometimes good and bad but mostly good we think. We had everything on Copy (a dropbox clone) and this made it easy for us to share scenes and assets. We almost always had something new to look at and discuss each day. Everything from the mood of the scenes to the details on sculpts. We chatted a ton on skype and figured out our game plan for the day and week. The bulk of the work for the trailer happened on a pretty quick timeline and we worked on this in our free time so communication was important. Since we are in different time zones one of us was almost always working on something at any given time from around June 23- R15 Announcement. So the timezone difference kind of worked in our favor in many ways. Alex and I both beta test for MAXON so we used R15 for the entire trailer outside of compositing and this proved vital for us. Some of the new features we used heavily were: GI improvements, sculpting, sculpt on pose morphs, texture manager and Team Rendering.

Special thanks to Bret Bays, our character TD, he created some gorgeous rigs for us to animate with. Lisa Rebmann, our dragonfly concept artist and Wesley Slover for composing the score and audio design for the teaser so quickly! A big thanks goes to everyone at MAXON too, especially Marc and Andres for their great support, Aleks, Sebastian, Andy and Nadine. A big thank you to Patrick, David, Glenn, Paul and Mathias too!

We are super excited to finish the short film and share it with the community! We will keep you updated on the progress.

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