Spline Dynamics, Cloth and Particles (R&D)

Spline Dynamics, Cloth and Particles (R&D)

After seeing Simon Fiedler’s cool Droplelts breakdown I had to make the dynamic spiderweb he showed. I think it’s pretty close to what he did. I used spline dynamics, hair and constraints. It’s very fast and responsive in the viewport which is really great. It also led me to some cool R&D with combining spline dynamics, thinking particles and Cloth.


  • Simon Fiedler on Jul 18, 2012 Reply

    Yeah! Looks pretty good. Maybe we can throw our ideas together for this thing because it works great, but setting up this baby takes a lot of time (in my case). Would be cool to have a script that connects the points that in the same position with constraints. What do you think? I would love to have something like a spiderweb generator.


    • Josh on Jul 18, 2012 Reply

      Thanks, Simon! You were the inspiration for it! Yeah, you are right it works very nice but setup is very tedious and long. It would be very cool to have a script that helps automate the process. Hmmm I would love to but I don’t have much scripting experience. A spiderweb generator would be sweet.

  • rick on Jan 31, 2012 Reply

    Jorge has a nice tutorial about making this:
    Check it out,

  • Shalom Ormsby on Jan 30, 2012 Reply

    Nice! Looking forward to your breakdown on this. Did you use Xpresso?

    • Josh on Feb 27, 2012 Reply

      Thanks! Yes.

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