Tutorial 04: Turbulence FD and Particles

Tutorial 04: Turbulence FD and Particles

With the final release of TFD nearing I updated and expanded on a TFD tutorial I made about a year ago. I show how you to use TFD with the built-in particles and Thinking Particles.


  • Mike on Aug 13, 2012 Reply

    Are you doing any more tutorials in the near future? This plugin does not seem to have too many available.

    • Mike on Aug 13, 2012 Reply

      Also, for some reason, I cannot duplicate your results with the same numbers at the end with the keyframing on the particle geometry and emitter.

    • Josh on Aug 14, 2012 Reply

      Hi Mike, yes I plan to do more tutorials for sure. I’ve just been busy and waiting on getting my new workstation :). Which part can you not duplicate?

      • Mike on Aug 15, 2012 Reply

        Awesome. Looking forward to it. I wish Jawset had a better manual for this plugin. Sometimes I feel like I am changing numbers and seeing zero results so I have no idea what purpose it serves.

        The part I think I was having trouble duplicating was when you were keyframing the temperature. I would put 2 in the Temp Value on the TFD tag and the particles would go flying at high speeds, often catching up to and passing the initial burst. Had to key it to 0.5 instead to get slightly similar results.

  • Jose on Mar 23, 2012 Reply

    Is turbulence fd compatible with vray?


    • Josh on Mar 23, 2012 Reply

      It’s not compatible with Vray yet.

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