Winter’s Blob: Preview for up and coming tutorial.

Winter’s Blob: Preview for up and coming tutorial.

Here’s a look at an up and coming tutorial that I’m working on. I shot the footage with my 550D, shot a HDR on set, shot a lens grid, match-moved the footage in SynthEyes, added some CG elements in C4D, rendered in Vray then comped it all together in After Effects.

Thus, it will be a pretty in-depth tutorial :).

Music: Daft Punk from The Tron Legacy soundtrack. Track 2: The Grid. I had to edit around Jeff Bridges voice.


  • Roman (Jetfx) on Dec 03, 2011 Reply

    Hi Josh! Are you planning to do a tutorial about creating HDR using mirror ball?
    It’s gonna be a super helpful!

  • Dave on Apr 25, 2011 Reply

    The suspense is killing me LOL

    • Josh on Apr 25, 2011 Reply

      LOL Sorry Dave. I’ve been really busy with paying jobs. It’s still on my list for sure and when the Vrayforc4d 1.5 update comes out it will make the multi-pass workflow that much sweeter. I’m not sure if you are aware but I have some good tutorials on Cineversity too.

  • Dave on Feb 02, 2011 Reply

    Oh man I just found this site, I can’t wait for this tutorial 🙂

  • Spiro on Jan 18, 2011 Reply

    Tutorial? Anytime soon?

    • Josh on Jan 23, 2011 Reply

      Hi Spiro, I’ve been really busy at work working on some ads for the superbowl. I should have the first part of the tutorial up in early February.

  • Moody on Jan 06, 2011 Reply

    Oo! Definitely excited about this project. So much out there on generating interesting vfx and motion designs like blobs, but very little on how to composite abstract work into a scene and that means I like you very much for doing just that! Looking forward to what’s to come Josh!

    • Josh on Jan 09, 2011 Reply

      Thank you! That’s what I do best, VFX, so I’ll be teaching that mostly :).

  • Kyle on Jan 05, 2011 Reply

    Nice! Looking forward to your tutorial!

    • Josh on Jan 05, 2011 Reply

      Thanks man!

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